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Hooves In Our Hearts

Lesson Horses Who Have left or Passed On...

 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”    Matthew 11:28


                                                  Several years ago, I was rescued from an abusive home. My new owner and others involved in this ministry,                                                       have loved me even with my fear issues. I have surprised everyone with my newly found steady confidence

                                                  in being a gentle ride for our youngsters, however, for an experienced rider I can fly!


My previous owner named me Abigail, because of who she was in the Bible. She was a woman who overcame her fears, confronted an enemy, and was able to stop a battle from taking place. She saved people’s lives with her bravery. She said in 1 Samuel 25:29, “Even

when you are chased by those who seek your life, you are safe in the care of the Lord our God, secure in his treasure pouch!”


Also, I am the great granddaughter of Khemosabi, the highest producing Arabian Stallion on record (as of 2003).


Born in 1987  •   Arabian - Chestnut (Mare)  •  13.2 hands    •   Registered Name: Kristal Rhos



                                                                Being the curious horse I am, I sometimes get into trouble. My excuse is, "Juice taught it to me!".

                                                                I like to be the boss and want to be the herd leader. Since I want to be in charge, I try to be the boss

                                                                of both 4-legged and 2-legged critters. I should be ridden by experienced riders as I sometime toss

    a bump (or buck) into my canter and like to be bossy to my rider. I am still a bit of a chicken at heart, but I trust people and will listen           (you just have to speak a little louder sometimes). Something you may not know about me is, even though I look like a faded out Buckskin, I am actually a very rare color called Amber Champange which also gave me my uniquely colored eyes! 


   Born in 2005  •  Quarter Horse  - Amber Champange (Gelding)  •  14.2 hands




                                                                  I was born in Canada, then brought to Oxford, MA before I left for my long term home in Georgia.

I was there for 12 years before I got sick and had to come back to the north to get well. I miss my old home so it makes me nervous and a bit scared. I like my new home, and am starting to relax and understand the ways of the north again. I tend to be bossy over the 'two-legged' critters around me, so you had better be firm with me. I stress out when paddock buddies are not with me. I have flowing gaits but I am very, very fast! Someday I will be able to carry everyone, but right now, I need an experienced confident rider to help me keep my feet flat on the ground. I am smart and get bored easy. When I shake my head and kick my girth, it means I need a job to do.


Born in  2000   •  Morgan - Flaxen Chestnut (Mare)  •  15.2 hands   •   Registered Name: JMF Morning Dew




                                                            "The leader, I am!" Meet my wonderful self. My full name is "Gunner Steel", but you can just call me Gunner. I am a gentleman on the ground, however, I sometimes have 'temper tantrums' while being ridden. Just ignore them and continue on. It just means I did not get my way as I sometimes get overly excited about fun things and get a little carried away with myself. You must make me think and keep things interesting as the little day to day riding routines bore my magnificent brain. Sometimes I might seem grumpy on the ground, but it's because I expect the same level of respect from you as the other horses give me. Being touched isn't my favorite thing, so be sure to ask permission from me first, and try to keep from touching all over my pretty little face. 


Born in 2006  •  Lusitano/Arabian - Flea Bitten Gray (Gelding)  •  15.0 hands 


                                                 I am one of the smallest horses at Blessings Farm, which makes it easy for people to ride me. I am very                                                          gentle and love when people ride me. I am a great ride and pretty much get along with anyone. I am a bit                                                      shy, but you can make a great relationship with me!  I don't like my face being touched, and I will often shy                                   away from your hands, but I love rubs on my neck, and withers. Oh, and grapes are my favorite treat!  

                          J.D. is for Jim Dandy, which is my full name.


Born in 1986  •  Arabian - Chestnut with White Blaze (Gelding)  •  14.2 hands



                                                Hello everyone! My name is Juliett! You might notice that my coloring is similar to Biscut's, but just a bit                        darker. I am a Buckskin Quarter Horse. I hold the place of the tallest horse on the farm, but I am truly a gentle giant. Sometimes I forget that you need personal space, and I need to be reminded that my feet don't belong on top of yours. Be sure to keep your toes out of the way of my front feet, because they are shod! I love attention, and I am definitely a 'people' horse. My mom, Gabby, is so kind in sharing me with all of you. I adore having so many people to love on me! 

Born in 2007 •  Quarter Horse - Buckskin (Mare)  •  15.2 hands


                                                I’m a very friendly horse and I love people. My classic saddle horse gaits are very fast and sometimes a

                                            bit rough. I like to be in charge and like to go where I want to and that makes it tough for my rider sometimes.

                                     I very much enjoy trail rides. Not much bothers me. I also love to eat lots of unusual things like watermelon, rind and all. I will be the first to come say hello when you come in the paddock. But I do have a lot of aches and pains so sometimes say ‘no’ when you touch me on my body. Don’t take it personally, I am just in a lot of pain some days. I don’t really like little kids much but I will tolerate them.

Born in 1991  •  Spotted Saddle Horse  •  Brown, White, and Black (Gelding)  •  14.3 hands 


                                                       Being blind in my left eye, makes it hard for me to be comfortable, so I need a rider who will                                                          take good care of me. Sometimes I get nervous, so I need a rider who I can truly trust. I am                                                            really sweet and loving, and once I get to know someone, we can have a great bond!


Born in 1995  •  Arabian Bay  (Mare)  •  13.3 hands



                                                    Do you know what a Morab is? It’s a half-Morgan, half-Arabian breed of horse.   These horses are great all                                                around athletes, and I am one myself! You can see Arabian and Morgan features in my face.  My full name is

Tanganieva. I am one of the sweetest horses on at Blessings Farm. I have problems with my back, so sometimes I may seem a little bit grumpy. But, if you handle me gently, I can be your very best friend!


Born in 1990  •  Morab (Morgan/Arabian) - Dark Brown (Mare)  •  14 hands


                                                      I am the apple of Jack’s eye!   He has a soft spot in his heart for the Tennessee Walker Horse because he                                                               used to have another one. When we first met--it was “love at first sight”.  I am special because I don’t                                                                   trot/lope like most horses. I have a gate called “pacing”.   It is like a trot or lope but it is much more   comfortable. That is another reason why Jack love me so much; because I am such a comfortable ride! Also, just so you know, I used to be the Queen here at Blessings Farm. Sometimes, I do pin my ears back and make faces at the other horses. I try to show them who is boss! So don’t worry, it isn’t meant towards you.


Born in 1987  •  Tennessee Walker - Chestnut  (Mare)  •  14.2 hands

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