Our educational program incorporates hands on instruction in a small group setting, teaching a variety of equine topics such as safetly, grooming, equestrian careers and horse pedigrees.  When riding, the students will begin with the basics and as they progress, there will be opportunities such as English, Western, and Bareback riding.  Field trips and guest speakers are occasionally invited to enhance the Blessings Farm experience. When a child bonds with a horse, and a horse bonds with a child, a transformation can take place that is life-changing.
A life that is hard at home, becomes a little softer at Blessings Farm.
With after school classes during the weekdays or a Saturday class.  Tuition cost of $250.00 for a 2 hour lesson each week for a 10 week cycle. Spots will only be reserved with a $125 non-refundable deposit.  Ask about our early payment savings! 
This program a must for any child who loves horses.
For more information about this program or to register your child, email or call Donna at BlessingsFarm9278@gmail.com, (508)344-8305
You can download Registration Forms click HERE.
Open to children ages 10yrs to 17yrs. We designed our program for children who love horses and want to learn about caring for them and spending time with them. The kids have a lot of fun and get to experience one of God's most wonderful creatures.  Students have 2 sessions each of Horsemanship and Riding Instruction each day.  There is also mentoring, guest speakers, and hands-on demonstrations.  We have daily devotionals as we take time to recognize all good things come from our Creator. Our week long program runs for 7 weeks, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 11:30pm. The minimum donation requested is $150.00 per week/per child. Spots will only be reserved with a $75 non-refundable deposit. 
For more information about this program or to register your child, email or call Donna at  BlessingsFarm9278@gmail.com, (508)344-8305
You can download our flyer HERE, or Registration Forms HERE

Barn Days of Summer (June thru August)

Love at First Sight (All Year Round)

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